Professional dog walking and pet sitting for cats, birds, horses, fish and reptiles are no longer a luxury reserved for the affluent. For busy pet owners it has become an affordable necessity to improve pet health, happiness, & behaviors.
Why use K9 Walkers?
  • You work long hours and your pet(s)  needs care, a walk, attention, a potty break during the day.
  • Due to surgery, illness, injury or addition of a new family member, you are unable to exercise and play with  your animal.
  • You need help getting your pet to an appointment with the veterinarian or groomer, etc.
  • Your pet needs medication while you are away.
  • You want help doing errands for your pet like picking up pet food, medications or supplies.

    Entrusting your beloved companions to someone else should be a well-considered decision.

    • K9 Walkers is not a dog boarding or pet sitter franchise/franchise referral service.
    • It is locally owned and operated.
    • Gail Martwick, owner of K9 Walkers, is a life-long animal lover and experienced animal care giver.
    • K9 Walkers also provides Home Visits for cats, birds, fish, horses, reptiles, and other companion animals.  
    • Gail is Certified in Animal First Aid & CPR, Insured and Bonded, a member of Pet Sitters, International and has a current Background Check. Read more about Gail in the About Us page.

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